Mini militia Mod Apk

 Mini Militia Mod Apk

Hey Guys,Today i gonna give you such a mod over which everybody is crazy and this is one of the best mod ever i.e  Mini militia mod apk In this mod you are going to get such features that no one can make you loose in this game . So enjoy The Mini militia mod apk Game and Never Loose Any Game .. BE THE BEST....


Mini militia Mod Apk

                                            Mini militia Mod Apk

Lets get through some quick feature review you'll get Download link of course!

Features of Mini militia Mod apk

1) Unlimited health

In this modded version you will get unlimited health your opponents can surely not defeat you anymore, you not get any damage during play but your opponents will get killed in one shot only. Even another mod apk player could not damage you. 

Unlimited nitro 

You will get access to unlimited nitro, you can fly around unlimited, you can perform all the activities while flying. You can pick a gun, you can pick or through the grenades you can, you can shoot and all that stuff.

2) Zero Gravity

You will get a gravity free environment, Newtons law won't work here :)) , You'll fell like you are playing this game in space. It could be a great science fiction, Your dreams seems to be full filled, sry i went off track but i hope you understood what i want to say.

3) Inside wall entry

You'll also get restriction free entry inside the walls. Your opponents will be shocked, Isn't is just amazing!

4) Enabled pro pack

You'll Get Pro pack auto enabled. You can customize your avatar as well as weapons that also for free of cost. You'll get free battle points to unlock your attachments or to modify your weapons.

For more features details and Hints you can read details given below..

BEKASI, WEST JAVA, INDONESIA. FEBRUARY 20, 2018 : Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia game application on Smartphone screen. Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia is a freeware web browser developed by Appsomniacs

Features and Hints of Mini Militia Mod apk

1) Double guns can be kept in online mod 

2) New custom rooms and avatar customization 

3) New skins unlocked

4) All the outlets are unlaced at the facet of objects

5) Use sniper, shotgun,arms while playing in groups

6) You can restore the previous log within the machine where by you used multiple cash owned.

7) Consultation and alert mistakes are eliminated.

8) New maps 

9) Opponents health bar visible.

1o) Eliminated dual guns insects

11) No reload

12) 2x Damage to opponent.

13) you may be proficient with golden gun perpetually on each occasion you  born again n custom sports room

14) Unlocked scopes and sights

15) No rooting needed.

16)Laser sight

17) Fast reload


App name.......................................... Mini militia Mod version

File size ...........................................Around 50 MB


Android version.............................5.0 or above


Provided by ..................................Mods 4um

                                                                                  Mini militia mod apk

Installation procedure:

For installing  the app you have to follow the following procedure..

1) click the download button given below 

2)  you will land on a new page, you have to wait 20 sec before the google drive link appears.

3) click on the download button it will open google drive.

4) now click on "Download file". Ones the download complete  you have to delete/uninstall the previous mini militia app ( if you have it ).

5) Now open the downloaded file and install it, if it blocks installation from unknown source, disable that from settings.

6) After the installation is completed, you are ready to play your game.

Guys, I've provided the modded versions of all major apps and games , so check them also.

DOWNLOAD LINK HERE- Mini militia Mod version

                                         [UPDATE] Mini Militia mod apk 2020 V.5.0

Mini militia officially launched his updated app and the previous mod does't work on the new version, if you are looking for new modded version so here it is you can easily download it from link given below. Lets first see some of its updates.

Mini militia mod apk 2020

Whats new in this mini militia 2020:

In this New version of mini militia you will get a completely new layout of home screen and others, the game play is also completely changed. In the original app of mini militia all guns are locked except some you can also not use double guns in the battle field and many more restrictions are imposed by the developers, now it is too hard to unlock them as it requires a lot of game coins to do so . Also you can not  customize game avatar according to yourself as it also asks for the same. 

How can Mini militia mod apk 2020 can help ?

Mini militia mod apk 2020 have the solution to all of your problems, it comes with unlimited coins and all the guns and equipment pre unlocked, you will not have any problem in while playing the game.

And the features discussed in previous version of game will remain same you can do all that stuff in this mod also.

Details of mini militia mod apk 2020

App name                                                    Mini militia Mod apk 2020

File size                                                        Around 40 MB

Version                                                         V.5.0

Android version                                         5.0 or above

Developer                                                    Mini Clip

Provided by                                                 .Mods 4um

Last updated                                              10/04/2020

mini militia mod apk 2020

How to download Mini militia Mod apk 2020?

To download mini militia mod apk 2020 you have to -

1) Click on the download button given below 

2) You will be redirected to download page 

3)After waiting 20 seconds you will get your download link

4) Click on the link and download it

5) After installing it you can play freely.

If you face any problem in downloading you can ask in comments freely !


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